Giveaway – Win Tickets to the DIVERGENT European Premiere!

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Holy wow do I have something exciting to post about today dear readers!

If the title didn’t kind of give it away (I know, subtlety is my speciality), I’ve got two tickets to the European premiere of DIVERGENT in Leicester Square this Sunday to giveaway! How awesome is that :D I also have two tickets, so I’ll see you there! It’s always been a dream of mine to attend a red carpet premiere, and the fact that the first one (she says, like there’ll be more) I’ll be attending is a film adaption of one of the biggest YA series ever is pretty darn exciting. Here’s all the info …

On Saturday March 29th and Sunday March 30th Leicester Square will be transformed into the dystopian world of DIVERGENT, where fans will be invited to undergo initiation tests and, like Tris Prior, choose where they belong. Would you survive in Dauntless? Fans will be put through their paces with Dauntless training to see if you are brave enough to join their faction! (Free for anyone to attend.)

The European premiere of DIVERGENT is at Odeon Leicester Square on the Sunday at 1.30pm, attended by stars of the film Shailene Woodley, Theo James and Kate Winslet! So not only can you discover the world for yourself, you can walk the red carpet, mingle with the stars and watch the film before it’s released in the UK!

Enter here for your chance to win this once in a lifetime experience. If you aren’t lucky this time, you are still in with a chance – get down to Leicester Square early as there will also be a limited number of premiere tickets given away to fans on both days.

The Divergent Fan Experience Timings:

  • Saturday March 29th 11.00am – 6.00pm
  • Sunday March 30th 11.00am – 12.00pm and 3.00pm – 6.00pm

Premiere timings for the ticket winner:

  • Sunday March 30th
  • Doors open – 1.30pm
  • Doors close – 2.30pm
  • Film starts 3.00pm

DIVERGENT is released April 4th, and you can follow the news on Facebook, and Twitter. Look out for hashtag #Divergent

Sound exciting? Um, YES IT DOES! Enter via the below form to win. I’m running the giveaway in conjunction with my other blog Girl in the Lens so our followers over there can enter too. Good luck everyone! Hopefully I’ll be seeing you very soon on the red carpet :)

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69 comments to Giveaway – Win Tickets to the DIVERGENT European Premiere!

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  • Caitlin

    I would LOVR to win this, thanks for the chance :)

    • Carissa

      I’ve been following the Divergent books since they first came out! Usually at premieres I have to camp overnight (for Catching Fire I waited 40 hours!) and to be able to attend a premiere with tickets for ounce would be an amazing opportunity! I’m on a film course too, so I’d love to be able to start writing my review early (plus, I am super extremely excited for this film…)

      Thankyou! good luck to all!

  • sam

    who doesn’t want to go to a fantastic premiere? haven’t read the book but would love to see the film….

  • Shannen Carrigan

    I am SO excited for this! Going to try and get a glimpse of the stars in Leicester Square even if I don’t win tickets, I’ve got to find out what Faction I’m in!

  • Rita Mistry

    Thank you for the opportunity to see my favourite book come alive into film. I really enjoyed the books and I love all the characters especially Tris. I really cant wait to see Divergent.

  • Shannen Carrigan

    I want to desperately win tickets to the Premiere as I’m going to Leicester Square anyway from 6am to try and get to see the stars, I also want to know what faction I’m going to be in and I am a MASSIVE fan of the book so I want to see how they do the book/film adaption!

  • Corinna

    I have read the book and am excited to watch the film

  • kat

    i’d make my son a very happy bunny and i’d get to see what all the fuss was about!

  • MarcusN4017

    Would love to go to the premiere. I’m a huge divergent fan and divergent myself!

  • helen c

    to be in the thick of things at a premiere sounds excellent!

  • Heidi Curtis

    Me and my best friend are already planning on going to london from norfolk on Sunday, arriving in the early hours of the morning, but would absolutely love to win these premiere tickets it would be an amazing experience and as we both love the trilogy of books it would just make the experience even more special :)

  • Lauren Jones

    Guess how much I want these tickets!

  • Maryn

    This premier has been on my calendar since it was announced! So excited and it would be even better with tickets!

  • Zarina

    I love to win because Divergent is my favourite YA dystopian novel (the first book) and I am super excited to see it come alive on the big screen!

  • Charlotte

    This competition is soooo awesome!! :D

  • These tickets would be amazing!!!

  • chenice gynn

    I would LOVE to win because I absolutely love the divergent trilogy, and am currently re reading them before watching the film haha :D the chance to go the the premier is incredible it would mean so much to experience it, also I’ve never gone to a premier before :’)

  • Helen B

    Wow what an offer – one you can’t get with love nor money! I live in London so I’m on hand to jump down to Leics Sq and catch this movie early, I devoured all 3 books in practically a single weekend… so excited for the film and would love to go!

  • Natalie White

    It’s my best friend’s favourite book series! She’s so excited for the film – she’d DIE if I won this for her!!!

  • Sarah

    I’d love to win. I’ve just moved back to London and it would be the best way to end the perfect week :)

  • Jay

    This would be a gift money can’t buy for a very special friend who has been so kind to me.

  • Emily Gallagher

    I would like to win because Divergent is my favourite book and I absolutely adore all of the actors and actresses portraying my fave characters!I would love to win this because I have never been to a movie premiere before and it would be amazing for my first one to be of the adaptation of my fave book! Also, you cannot buy these tickets so this is my only chance, thank you!

  • sithan

    Winning is fun. Randomness is fun.

  • OMG I want to see this film so badly. It would be such an amazing experience to go to the premiere. *crosses fingers, toes and eyes*

  • Anna

    I have waited for divergent to be turned into a movie so long. I think that the cast is perfect and I know that the franchise will be massive. It would probably be the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me on my life of I won these tickets.

  • Jay

    What an amazing opportunity!!

  • Ella Davidson

    It would mean the world to me to win because I’ve loved divergent since forever and I’m a major Veronica Roth fan, I’ve waited so long for this movie, I cant wait to see it as soon as humanly possible!!! I know its going to be fabulous

  • Cath

    I want to win as it would be AMAZING to go to a London movie premiere!

  • Nicola

    I would love to win because I adore the books and I’m so excited about seeing them brought to life. It would be amazing to see the film at the premiere in London!

  • Huge fan of the books, such a rich and fresh storyline with characters that I care about, get angry at, feel sorry for, laugh with. Cannot wait to see what the film is like, one of my favourite books, would be an absolute dream come true to walk the red carpet with the cast. Thank you for such an opportunity!:)

  • Amy

    What can I say.. winning these tickets would be a dream come true. I am a massive fan of Veronica! and especially Divergent! and to visit London would be a dream come true:)

  • Sophie Brock

    I’m a huge fan of the books, and am really excited to see Dystopian Chicago come alive!

  • Looks like its set to be an amazing premiere, and of course an amazing film!!

  • We at booktuation are huge fans of the books and would love to see the transformation from page to screen.

  • Thanks for the opportunity to win tickets – cant wait to see the film!

  • Who wouldn’t love the chance to attend a film premiere!? Amazing giveaway!

  • Phoebe Kennedy

    This post has made my day- I absolutely LOVE the books and have read them all loads! I was so upset that I didn’t manage to get tickets before, so another opportunity to go to the premiere – to see Shailene Woodley and Theo James… It would just be incredible.

  • Louise

    would love to win to soak up the atmosphere of a red carpet premiere!

  • Lorena Teixeira

    Would love this!

  • Claire

    Amazing! I would love to win. :)

  • Rachael Barnard

    I am entering this in the hope of winning tickets so I can take my daughter, who is a BIG fan!

  • Lucy

    I want to win because I love The divergent series so much and I think it would be incredible to get near to theo and shai.

  • Isa C.

    I would love to win because I would love to see the book brought to life at the premiere ! And it’s not just any other premiere either ! They’re completely creating the world of Divergent !! Fantastic !!

  • Naomi F

    Love this book trilogy so much!! Thank you for giving us the chance to go to the premiere :)

  • Sue Cole

    My daughter absolutely loved the books and she would be so excited if I could take her to the premiere. We just cant wait till April 4th !!

  • JoJo Young

    I would love to win as my daughter is a huge fan and she’d love to go!

  • Sarah Seymour-Griffiths

    I would love to win as I’m a huge fan of the books and I’m a massive film junkie so it will be an amazing experience to be able to go to the film premiere of one of my favourite book series!

  • Celine Hawkins


  • Celine Hawkins

    THAT WASN’T A SUFFICIENT ANSWER SO HERE’S A NEW ONE: Basically Kate Winslet is my idol and since reading Divergent I have become a better person by making my own decisions and actually taking a stand against people trying to control me. The series means so much to me and i can’t think of a better memory than to go to the premiere for the actual movie (it’s. still weird that it’s. a movie lolz)

  • Fiona Gilbert

    I am sure this is the next big franchise to replace Harry Potter and take over from The Hunger Games when it ends next year so I would love to go to the premiere!

  • Liz Taylor

    I love the books they are so original and ask some pertinent questions about humanity and I can’t to see the books brought to life in film. I also have a super crush on Theo James and think Shailene will be so goof as Tris that I will go insane if I have to wait any longer to see the film, so please can I go to the Premiere :)

  • Jenny

    It’s so cool that you’re able to give these tickets away!! The Divergent trilogy is my favourite so i’m super excited to see the film!! I’m a huge fan! I’ve met Veronica Roth and she signed my copy of Allegiant, and I was close to Shailene but she couldn’t stay unfortunately. I would love to win so i can take my best friend who waited an hour for me to finish a test so we could watch the vampire diaries together, so i want to return the favour and go to the premiere as she’s going on holiday but wants to see it with me before then, plus her birthday’s coming up so that would be extra special!!

    Also i watch a lot of book tubers so it’s great to find another book blogger and an author at so young!! I must look out for The Elites!!

  • I would really really like to win the tickets because I am myself a divergent too. I have never one any thy competition like this and it would mean the entire world to me if I one those tickets. In a way I know this sounds weird but after reading the books it’s made me feel more confident in myself and u know that I can do anything be anything and be brave. So I would really really like to win these tickets but I know i probably won’t anyway but please make my dream come true.

  • Sally

    This would be a fantastic Mothers Day outing. I’d love to walk the red carpet!

  • Alison

    I would like to win, because this looks like an awesome film with great cast!

  • Megan Williams

    I would love to win because Im a massive Divergent fan! It is also a dream of mine to meet Theo James, hea definitely my celebrity crush!

  • Becca

    I spend my life reading, I don’t really do much. so this would be such an amazing opportunity for me and my best friend. We are both such big fans of Divergent!! This would just be so amazing to win :D

  • Mayuren Naidoo

    Would love to go!

  • Lonnie

    I would really like to win tickets because divergent is one of my favourite book series and i’ve loved them from the start

  • Carina Josephine

    I’ve read the divergent books five times, they’re my favourite books ever and i’m reading them for a sixth time and currently on the second book! i’ve never been to anything like this before so if i win it’ll be the best thing ever! i’ve just turned 18 so this would be a cool way to celebrate! my favourite character is Eric (jokes!!). it’s a tough call between Tris and Four! Would love love love to see the actors and even if i do not win i’m excited to see how they’ve adapted the books into a film! Exciting stuff!!

  • Carina Josephine

    I’ve read the divergent books five times, they’re my favourite books ever and i’m reading them for a sixth time and currently on the second book! i’ve never been to anything like this before so if i win it’ll be the best thing ever! i’ve just turned 18 so this would be a cool way to celebrate! my favourite character is Eric (jokes!!). it’s a tough call between Tris and Four! Would love love love to see the actors and even if i do not win i’m excited to see how they’ve adapted the books into a film! Exciting stuff!!

  • Ellie

    I’d love to win! It’s my birthday a day before the release date and I would love to be able to go as an early birthday present :D

  • Hikma Saleem

    I realy hope I win!

  • Seren

    Waaah such a huge fan of the books, going to the premiere would be so wonderful, like, Theo James *swoons* :3

  • Anika

    I would like to win tickets because me and my friends are total book nerds, i am trying to win tickets for them as well because we absolutely love divergent! No one understands what we are saying most of the time and reading is our lives! I just moved school and we met each other and now we are the only two fangirls in the school!In is fun being fangirls and we always have competitions over who has each character! It would be an amazing opportunity to get these tickets! And as Candor love the truth…I honestly think you should pick us;D xx

  • maureen

    an amazing birthday treat!!!

  • Brad Start

    My wife has always wanted to attend a red carpet premier…so this is for her.

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