Meeting my Publishers for the First Time

The fact that I can write the title of this blog post alone is enough to make me turn into a gibbering, nonsensical mess. Unfortunately, I was also a mess on the day I went into my publisher’s office for the first time. I had got stuck on the tube, making me both late and very, very sweaty, and of course the first person I happen to meet at the office is managing director and legend in the publishing business Sarah Odedina. I wouldn’t have blamed her if she was having second thoughts about taking me on, but she was very lovely and told me how happy they were to have my on board. That moment was a little like this –

Oh yeah gif

The rest of the two hours I was in the Hot Key offices (which are super lovely by the way – very East London chic and totally the sort of place I’d love to go to write) was filled with my agent, editor (the lovely Emily Thomas) and sales team throwing fabulous sounding words like ‘proofs’ and ‘cover’ and ‘blurbs’ around, while I sat there trying to suppress my need to jump off my chair and do a happy dance. It was amazing to hear about the work that goes into making your book a reality.It makes you realise that you’re not alone in this any more  and there are a whole team behind you working to make your book as much of a success as possible.

So what’s next to come? I’ll be starting edits with my editor soon, then I’ll get the cover sometime over the next few months, and proofs of The Elites will be made in early Spring next year. Then it’ll be all steam ahead for publication in September 2013. The fact that that’s under a year away is both terrifying and super exciting. I hope you’ll all stay with me for the journey!

6 responses to “Meeting my Publishers for the First Time”

  1. This all sounds so exciting! Glad you’re sharing the experience with us here on the blog. I’m eager to hear more and can’t wait for The Elites to come out!

    1. Thanks Zachary 🙂 x

  2. This is so incredibly exciting (and it’s not even my book Haha !!!) I can’t imagine how fantastic it’ll be to see and be part of your book being published / made!!!

    1. It is just amazing!! x

  3. Looking forward to following your publication journey! xx

    1. Thank you Leanna!! x