Publication Day!


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It’s here. It’s here. It’s here.

Maybe if I say it enough times I’ll believe it. Readers have been giving me the most wonderful reviews, friends have bought copies, my giveaway made the top 10 of all entered on Goodreads, a film production company are reading a copy, a party was had to celebrate (and what a party it was – pictures to come soon). And, of course, I have held my book – my book – in my own hands.

But it still doesn’t feel real.

It is real however, and because it’s real, we need all the help we can get to make The Elites as much of a success as it can be. If you’d like to help out, here are a few things you can do …

1. Buy the book

Kind of obvious, but I had to mention it just in case. This is the easiest, most direct way to help a book’s sales, and will make many people – from me to my publishers to booksellers – very happy that you took the time out and put £5-7 towards getting a copy. You don’t even need to read the book after you’ve bought it (though if you did read it that’d make us all extra happy)! You could even buy the book as a present if you have someone in mind who might like it.

The Elites is available in most bookstores, and to buy online you can find it at the following places (to name a few) –

Amazon | Waterstones | WHSmith | Sainsbury’s | Book Depository

2.  Ask a bookstore/library if they’re stocking it

If you can’t afford to buy a copy, that’s totally fine! Going into a bookstore or library or giving them a call to ask if they’ve got copies of The Elites is also a great way to help! It puts the book on the bookseller or librarian’s radar and encourages them to get more copies. (You could also enter the giveaway here on Goodreads for one of 20 signed proof/ARC copies).

3. Tell people about it

Even if you haven’t read it, just telling someone you think might be interested about The Elites is a wonderful way to spread the word! Whether it’s face-to-face, on social media, or even by cup and string if that’s the way you like to communicate, just getting the word out there and generating a bit of buzz can really help.

4. Write a review

Then if you do get round to actually reading the book – let people know what you think! Writing a review online – even if it’s just a rating or a one liner – will help spread the word and show people what they can expect from the book. Even if it’s a negative review (though of course I hope you’ll enjoy it), it’s just great to share your opinion. And if you’re a book blogger and are lovely enough to write a review on your blog, please do pop the review up on sites like Amazon and Goodreads so more people can see it.

And even though I’ve just written a post about how people can help my book do well now it’s out in the world, I still can’t believe my novel is actually published. Wow. Just wow.

5 responses to “Publication Day!”

  1. I want to purchase it but it’s not available in any Australian bookstores! When will it be available on itunes?

    1. Hi Sophie! Yay so glad you want a copy! It’s been spotted in some Aussie bookstores so far, so it’s definitely out there 🙂 perhaps ask if they can order it in for you? Not sure about iTunes yet – will have to get back to you! x

  2. Is it available on Kindle?

    1. It will be! Just a little delay at the moment x

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