Worldbuilding in Science Fiction and Fantasy Novels

I orginally wrote this post for the Author AllSorts blog, but thought I’d share it here too

Hi everyone! So happy to be talking to you today from the awesomness that is Author Allsorts, about one of my favourite writing topics – worldbuilding.

I am a sucker for science fiction and [...]

THE ELITES Cover Reveal


I seriously cannot get over how beautiful this is. The attention to detail – the beautiful, mixed race model who is just as I envisioned Silver, the exotic background, the rain, the colours – is just astounding. And if this were a book I randomly came [...]

What to Do When You Get Your Page Proofs

Firstly – you must squee. That is an order.

Now, once you have calmed down and got it out of your system that YES THAT IS MY NOVEL THOSE ARE MY WORDS LOOKING ALL PROPER AND BOOKLIKE, it’s time to work. Hopefully you’ve made most of the bigger edits to your novel [...]