2016 Updates

Oh gosh, over a year since my last post?! *Hangs head in shame*. To be fair, I do post more frequently over at my fashion blog and am pretty good at keeping my social accounts updated, so follow those for for daily ramblings (Twitter/Instagram). But I thought it was about time I updated you all [...]

Publication Day Squee!

An extra big squee today because it’s publication day number 2! I didn’t ever expect there to be a number 1, let alone a second, and I am beyond excited and happy and grateful and overwhelmed that as of today there are two of my books out in the world. [...]

The Memory Keepers Extract

It’s less than a month till publication and I am getting EXCITED! Eeek! Crazy to think that soon I won’t be a debut author anymore. In a way that’s kind of scary – a second book needs to at least live up to, and hopefully surpass, the first. But it’s also cool because hey, that’ll [...]

The Memory Keepers Cover Reveal!

GUYS I’M SO EXCITED! Today I get to share with you the cover for my second novel, The Memory Keepers – and isn’t it absolutely beautiful! When Hot Key showed me the cover they’d made for The Elites, I didn’t think it could get much better. But then this came along. Huge props to Jan [...]

Page Proofs!

Looky looky look! How beautiful do this bad boy look? Receiving page proofs from my publisher is one of my favourite parts of the process. It’s the first time you see your story looking like a proper book, and words you’ve read over and over again now look fresh and new. However, it’s [...]

Teaser for The Memory Keepers

I love it when other authors do those picture review teaser thingies on Goodreads, so I did one for The Memory Keepers (and yes, that’s a cheeky 5-star rating for myself, but hey, it’s got to be done!). Here it is – a few things you can expect to find within it’s pages …

My Writing Process #mywritingprocess

The lovely Emma Carroll tagged me into the #writingprocess meme, which has got writers discussing the ways in which they work.

I love hearing about other writers’ processes. It’s strange, because writing is such a personal, unique thing, something that so many of us can barely describe or understand even ourselves, so you wouldn’t think [...]

New Blurb for The Memory Keepers

Happy Wednesday all! Hope you’re having a great week so far?

Sorry I’ve been slow at posting lately. I blog much more frequently over at my fashion and lifestyle blog, and the rest of the time I’m just busy writing away! I’ve been a busy little typer. Last year I wrote two new books, one [...]

Book Launch

Last week was my book launch at the gorgeous Notting Hill bookstore Lutyens & Rubinstein. It was a night I’ll never forget – I’m so glad I put the time and money into organising it. It was incredible to have all my friends and family there, as well as book bloggers and [...]

The Elties Interactive Cover

How cool is this! The incredible team at my publishers put together an interactive cover for The Elites, full of juicy little snippets such as my editor saying why she first bought the book when it came in on submission and a video of me chatting about the book. We’re hoping it’ll get people excited [...]