The Elites Extract

Hey lovely readers! I can’t believe it’s just 70 days to publication now (I didn’t count, I promise – Waterstones told me). That’s less than 100! Less than three months! Less time than I’m ready but also too much. Anyway, as publication is looming and proofs are already out there with booksellers and lots of other awsome people, I thought I’d share an extract with you guys to show you what you can expect. It’s a great way to see if my book is for you (hopefully it is!).

It’s the prologue and first two chapters, which sees our fifteen-year old heroine Silver facing her biggest assignment yet as part of her life as an Elite … and guess what? *Spoiler alert* – she screws up! So if you’ve got a spare moment and want to find out how Silver messes up, and get a taste for just how huge the consequences of her mistake might be, why not sit down with a cup of tea and some popcorn (or whatever you fancy) and have a little read …

Download (PDF, 664KB)


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